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Executive Coaching is an excellent tool in improving one's desire to succeed. It is a one-on-one session between a coach and an executive. The aim is to enhance the on-the-job performance of the already successful leader. These coaching sessions look into the problems and opportunities that are generally faced by these professional people working in the corporate world where almost everything depends on the job performance, professional image and skills. In order to convince clientele and confidently lead and motivate subordinates; business executives must be able to present themselves in an impressive fashion.

Executive coaching usually deals with people individually by analyzing their personality and performance; thereby giving a boost to their strengths and working out on their weaknesses. This brings an overall improvement in their performance. It polishes their interpersonal skills and develops leadership skills. The executives gain confidence and tricks to motivate their team in a better way. Executives also get acquainted with tricks and behavioral changes that they should adopt to increase the productivity of their subordinates and give their best efforts. They also teach how one can avoid conflicts and even sort out issues of the subordinates for the benefit of the whole organization. All of these things combined helps the company climb the ladder of success. Management of stress is a common problem that bothers most of us at our workplace due to long working hours and little or nosocial circles.

Executive coaching also provides solutions to executives so that their stress won’t affect the atmosphere in which they and others work in; not to mention productivity. Sessions also guide executives to conduct effective meetings and events so that it can make an impact amongst the peers. From communication skills to management training, boosting the sales performance, and delivering effective customer services are all explored with executives. This ensures an overall development to both the company and the individual. In other words, this coaching takes you from a dilemma to strategic planning and develops your pro-active skills that help you to foresee the problems that might affect your business in the near future and thus be prepared for it. These are generally the performance enhancing techniques that are innate in each one of us, the executive coaching only makes us realize and flaunt them for the benefit of your own self and your company.

An Executive Coach provides an environment within which an executive's inklings, ideas, and goals are respected, expanded, and brought to fruition. Most executives don't take enough time for this type of creativity, nor do they have the right "listening partner". It is lonely at the top. Leaders need an unbiased, non-judgmental sounding board and outlet to discuss pressing issues and challenges that arise. An executive coach helps by acting as a resource and a behind-the-scenes partner. Executive coaching often revolves around honing leadership skills, clarifying culture, recruiting/hiring with better results and enhancing personal productivity.

You will see improvement/increase in a breadth of areas:

Performance Management
Executive Presence
Workforce Satisfaction


New Leader Integration

Start right! New job. New employer. How can you integrate effectively to the new organization and team without rocking the boat so much that you endanger your career prospects?

Leaders in new positions often fail for a few common reasons: due to unclear or outsized expectations, a failure to build partnerships with key stakeholders, a failure to learn the company, industry or the job itself fast enough, a failure to determine the process for gaining commitments from direct reports and a failure to recognize and manage the impact of change on people

The Process:

For Expatriates ( 3 months program):

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