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Frequently Ask Questions
Q. What is an Executive Coaching ?
A. Executive Coaching is an excellent tool in improving one's desire to succeed. It is a one-on-one session between a coach and an executive. The aim is to enhance the on-the-job performance of the already successful leader. These coaching sessions look into the problems and opportunities that are generally faced by these professional people working in the corporate world where almost everything depends on the job performance, professional image and skills. In order to convince clientele and confidently lead and motivate subordinates; business executives must be able to present themselves in an impressive fashion.
Q. Why do I need an External Executive Coach ?
A. Employees tend to talk more freely with an outside person than with someone within the organization. An outside person would have no agenda; an inside person has the organization’s agenda. This does not have to be an either/or situation. External coaches can complement internal coaches by mentoring those coaches or working with specific individuals within the organization who prefer or demand to work with an external coach due to the nature of their job. For example, it is very common for senior management to open up only to an external coach due to the sensitivity of issues they are working on. No matter how good internal coaches are, if the focus of the coaching is on strategic issues that could affect the job security of the internal coach, executives may not feel free to discuss them.
Q. How do you do Executive Coaching ?
A. Any good and professional executive coach will offer you a complimentary 30-minute conversation. In this conversation, the best thing you can do is share your current situation and ask how he or she might help you. A good coach will simply coach you and you will walk away with value or you will not. If you do not feel like the time you spend with a coach has added value, do not hire that coach.
A Free, 30-minute introductory session
A complete Executive Analysis, and appropriate assessments
Four sessions per month, 60 minutes in length
Unlimited Coach-on-Call (telephone or email when you need a question answered)
Q. How to choose the right Executive Coach?
A. To help you with this question, I recommend that you consider the following:
  • Does the coach have the “live fire” experiences? According to the High Impact Coaching Survey, business experience and the ability to build rapport were the most important factors in selecting a coach. “Coach Certification” and “cost” were the least important though it helps.
  • Can your chemistry blend together ? Does he listen? Is he insightful, candid and willing to provide honest feedback? The coach must be able to engage into such a relationship.
  • Can the coach be trusted of confidentiality? Will he feed information to the boss? Though the boss in some situation would need to be engaged but as a feedback provider only, and not in the details of the coaching discussion.
  • Does the coach have a model or just a traditional primitive way of talking? Effective coaching requires disciplined approach that includes scientific assessment tools and feedback mechanism bundled in an integrated model to achieve desired results.
  • Is the coach flexible? Each coaching situation is unique, and should be driven by the need of the individual being coached.
  • In your organization, your first line of defense will be your HR practitioner who will know if your company offers executive coaching. If your company does not, you can ask your manager to pay for an executive coach that you choose for yourself.
    To make an appointment for a free 30 minute introductory face to face or conference call session :
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